Burgundy: People with a Passion for Wine

"Burgundy - People with a Passion for Wine." An extraordinary story about people who are passionate about wine. This “not to be missed” video gives wine lovers, food and travel buffs an intimate peek into the people and happenings during the oldest and most traditional of the Burgundy wine celebrations, Les Trois Glorieuses.

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Is your company prepared or crisis-prone?

It's a shocking fact that only 5 to 15% of Fortune 1000 companies are prepared for crisis situations. Most companies do not have a crisis plan or trained crisis teams. Those who have undertaken crisis preparations may still be ill-prepared. A catastrophic example is being played out in the aftermath of the terrorist attack on Wall Street. It's imaginable that few, if any, of the companies headquartered at the World Trade Center had business recovery plans for unprecedented losses of personnel, equipment and facilities. Most are scrambling to recover operations and to keep their most important customers

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It's CNN! They want to talk to you!

Being invited to appear on radio and television used to be reserved for top company executives and spokespersons. Today, almost anyone in responsible positions could be called on to interview.

Sweeping changes in broadcast and print media have created a multitude of channels and journals of specific interest; some of them global in nature. This information-starved media creates immense opportunities and significant challenges for individuals and organizations.

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Audience Respect

One of the biggest mistakes most presenters make is in not considering or respecting their audience when preparing their talks. Showing respect means not boring them to tears with a data dump of information which is meaningless to them.

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Everything Old Is New Again: Revived Power For Video Presentations

Video presentations and electronic media appearances continue to play a critically important role in successful business and government communications.

As broadband access grows, companies and individuals are turning to video on the internet as a powerful sales and information tool for communicating with their target audiences. Streaming video and live webcasts have become common fare on websites. Short videos are increasing the effectiveness of PowerPoint presentations.

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Television's influence on effective sales presentations

Sales presentations can be enhanced by incorporating television presentation techniques and by understanding how TV has changed buyer's expectations. Today, buyers expect to be entertained and informed. Television has altered the way we pay attention and makes us more sensitive to pace. Watching professional presenters has raised our ability to ask and respond to questions. TV has become the standard by which we measure all communications.

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Executive learning: Be prepared when disaster strikes

Executive education in crisis management prepares top managers to communicate effectively to their staffs and the press during disaster situations.

When Martin Stoller asked an executive education class how many attendees served on their companies' crisis committees, not one hand was raised. Mr. Stoller, who teaches a course in crisis management at Northwestern University's J.L. Kellogg School and is himself a former crisis manager, calls this 'corporate denial.

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English Here There & Everywhere

PARIS - As it is spoken, or as it is broken, English is fast becoming the language of corporate and institutional Europe.

A swing to English and away from French as a working language in the European Union is considered certain to continue apace with the entry of new member nations from Eastern and Central Europe. Documents dealing with the enlargement are almost exclusively in English

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