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Clear and effective communication in English is our prime objective

English is our native tongue. Not only are our clients more confident about what they are saying, they are more confident in the way they say it, especially if English is not their mother tongue. This can make all the difference in a high-pressure media interview, board or analyst meeting, negotiation, even in a one-on-one presentation.

Media in English teaches simple, globally effective communication techniques (verbal and non-verbal, which help you involve listeners and hold their interest. You rise above the "noise," which means they take more of your message home with them!

"With our tailored consulting and training programs, we empower executives to be effective and even dynamic public speakers.  We prepare them for all types of media appearances."

Our vision

Globalization has significantly increased the need to express ideas clearly and effectively in English. The visual arts have also changed the way we communicate and our expectations of how others should communicate.

"Visual media, the internet and social media has changed the way people listen, evaluate and make decisions."

All presentations can be enhanced by incorporating media presentation techniques and by understanding how video, the internet and social media has changed people's expectations. Today, people expect to be entertained and informed.  Visual media has altered the way we pay attention and makes us more sensitive to pace.

Watching professional presenters has raised our ability to ask and respond to questions. In essence, television has become the standard by which we measure all communications. 

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