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"After learning your communications objectives and refining your strategy we work with you to develop the most effective ways to influence your target audience"



Key Message Platform Development

When the press calls, it can be a golden opportunity or a total disaster. It all depends if your company is ready and your spokespersons are properly prepared. Media in English helps prepare companies and their executives for successful media interviews and Q&A sessions.

Our consultants will help your organization define the key issues and formulate appropriate statements. By understanding the primary needs of print and television journalists, your communication objectives can be made to co-exist with theirs.


  • Define your objectives & key messages
  • Gain increased awareness Increase preparedness
  • Research & structure your messages for success
  • Limit uncertainty
  • Provide effective leadership
  • Protect your reputation
  • Gain peace of mind
  • Stay in business


PowerPoint & Keynote Presentation Consulting

Depending on your objectives, target audience(s) and message, we work together in identifying the most effective and appropriate visual approach, key messages, story development and format for your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation. 

You can choose to make the presentation in-house or use an outside designer. 


  • Attract your target audience, keep their attention & motivate action
  • Powerfully communicate your key messages
  • Get your message across every time
  • Achieve your strategic objectives
  • Increase your bottom line
  • Our consultants will help you define your presentation objectives and key messages.


Executive Interview Preparation and Coaching

The way you deal with interviews can make a huge difference to you and and your organization.

Our consultants will help your spokesperson define the key issues and formulate appropriate statements.

Executive spokespersons learn the basics of news gathering operations, how journalists work and how they prepare for media interviews. They are coached in how to control the interview process from initial press contact to media interview.  

Your executive spokesperson receives personalized coaching during practice on-camera media interview by two media and business experienced senior communications consultants. Oral evaluations and a DVD recording of the practice interviews are provided for personal study and review. Handout materials help participants prepare for future press encounters.  

Follow-up coaching and consulting is always available.


  • Increase confidence and presence
  • Project credibility and trust
  • Deliver substance with style
  • Use effective body language
  • Get exact quotes published by the media
  • Be comfortable and more relaxed during interviews
  • Increase believability
  • Reduce risk


Presentation Video Development

We create orginative HD corporate and promotional films that attract your target audience and powerfully communicat your key messages to them.

As video makers we are passionate about creating corporate, product and promotional films. As consummate  story tellers and love to create films about interesting organizations, people, places and things, small or large.

We are believers in quality video product at a reasonable cost and are committed to promoting the videos we make.


  • Attract your target audience - motivate them to take action
  • Powerfully communicate your brand
  • Use storytelling to connect with your customers
  • Create avenues for customer feedback
  • Attract more press interest
  • Increase chatter with social media targeted videos
  • Increase employee pride, loyalty and productivity
  • Raise your marketing ROI
  • Improve your social media marketing penetration


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Crisis Communications Workshops

Media in English presents basic, in-company Crisis Communications Workshops in English for board members, management teams, public relations staff, marketing and communications departments.

Our custom-tailored Crisis Communications Workshops are designed to build awareness among management teams and departments for the importance of the crisis management process and the fostering of effective communications with electronic, print media and industry press and other crisis stakeholders (police and emergency services, government officials, regulators, suppliers, victims and their families, special interest groups, stockholders, customers, unions and employees, competitors, etc.), during one-one interviews and press conferences.

Our workshops are tailored to your organization’s issues and needs.  The skills taught adapt effortlessly to any language. The concepts are universal and have been proven successful on a global basis.

This highly interactive workshop includes practical on-camera media interviews from the perspectives of both managers and journalists.  Practical media interviews and press conferences are videotaped and followed by viewing and discussion.

We recommend that crisis communications workshops be limited to a maximum of 12 participants.


  • Gain increased awareness
  • Increase preparedness
  • Limit uncertainty
  • Provide effective leadership
  • Protect your reputation
  • Have peace of mind
  • Stay in business


Topics covered

  • The basics of crisis communications management
  • Introduction to issues management
  • Communicating proactively to protect your brand
  • Messaging in a crisis
  • The Press:  basics of news-gathering operations and how journalists work
  • Preparing for the media interview
  • Non-verbal communication during press contact
  • Controlling the media interview
  • The press conference
  • Getting your message across under fire
  • Handling communications during a crisis
  • Integrating social media


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