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Nissan Europe SAS
  • "Session was excellent. I felt much more confident about my interview with the BBC."

    Gabi Whitfield
    Communications Director - Nissan Motors Great Britain
  • "Your presentation and media trainings were really excellent. You scored all 10s for effectiveness, quality, skills and competence. I love working with you."

    Laura Jacquier
    Corporate & Internal Communications Manager
  • "I have been in the communications business for a long time and have coached many people on how to speak to the press. But your media training is the best that I have ever experienced."

    Eric Laurencier
    Vice President Communications
  • "I really appreciate your very kind and useful training. It had a very good balance between knowledge and practicals."

    Susumu Endo
    Senior Vice President, Quality Assurance, Production Engineering & Recycling
  • "Excellent training. Full of valuable examples."

    Olivier Paturet
    Regional Product Manager
  • "Perfect media training. Your on-site coaching ranked 10 out of 10. It was of great help and should always be used. Thank you."

    Bjoern Krueger
    Manager, RPM X-Trail, Patrol, Murano
  • "The media training itself is great, we've been offered lots of tools. The presentation coaching helped me a lot. I would propose to have this coaching prior to any press presentation, as it really pays off."

    Robbert Monteban
    Manager, Product Planning 4x4 Models
  • "Good and useful."

    Nicolas Tschann
    Section Manager
  • "Your training definitely provides some good tools/ways to improve."

    Arnaud Villette
    Manager, Marketing 4X4 & Executive Models
  • "Very good because it was 'extreme' on purpose."

    Edouard de Seynes
    General Manager Primera - A Marketing
  • "Very good training, very useful for general communication and media encounters."

    Sylwia Czolgosz
    Product Planning
  • "Very instructive and enjoyable. The day went so quickly. Thank you."

    Chris Lee
    Regional Product Manager for Compact Class
  • "It was an impressive training. The video recording and joint review made the learning process very effective."

    Macarena Cassinello Ogea
    General Manager - Overseas Project Quality Director
  • "One of the best trainings I have ever had. Thank you so much."

    Etienne Henry
    Regional Product Manager NESAS Product Planning
  • "I feel more confident now, but I feel I could benefit even more by being prepared."

    Natacha Trichard
    Deputy Regional Product Manager for Crossover product
  • "Useful!"

    Guillaume Masurel
    Product Specialist - CMM Crossover & Medium
  • "I really appreciated the interaction and how Rudi and Debbie complimented each other during the media training. Having a true journalist doing the interviews is a great plus. We want more!"

    Laurent Burgat
    Communications Manager Strategy & Planning / Product, Zero Emission Vehicle
  • "Considering the 9/10 rating I gave, there is very little room for improvement. Your media training really met my expectations. It was spot on. I am really looking forward to the next session."

    Gilles Gautherot
    Communications Manager D&T, Quality, ZEM Section
  • "Every year or so, a follow-up media training workshop would be great!"

    Mia Nielsen
    Manager Design and Technology Communications
  • "The effectiveness and quality of the media training, as well as, the competence and skills of the trainers was excellent. Good job and good rapport!!

    Hervé Genin
    Marketing Manager - Category Model
  • "I rate the media training a straight 10. I would have liked more

    Isabella Le Bourgeois - Bourillon
    Strategy & Planning Coordinator
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