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XL Insurance Company Limited
  • "Excellent, non-threatening, comfortable atmosphere."
    "It was very inspiring."
    "You are on the right track!"
    "A very satisfying training."
    "Very attention grabbing."
    "Good suggestions."
    "Excellent focus and well received by the audience."
    "Your techniques can make for more polished and successful professionals."
    "I liked the video clips, they helped to get the message across."
    "Very good and helpful for my future meetings."
    "I liked the various hints and the chance to practice them in real situations."
    "I enjoyed the practical sessions and the feedback from the trainers and the audience."
    "I really appreciated the building of awareness on how to behave and how to react successfully."
    "Very good initiative, nice presentation."
    "You both were great again!"
    "A follow-up in a few months would be great."
    "We want more! I guess it was your intention to wet our appetites. You succeeded."

    Participants of the Communicating Across Cultures workshop
  • "The training was excellent and the setting was perfect."
    Peter Graswinckel
    Client Relationship Manager
  • "Good interactive training with confronting issues. I will recommend you to business partners."

    Wouter Haak
    Underwriting Manager Property
  • "It was very effective and helpful. It was a very positivie and constructive approach. The environment felt safe, so I felt safe to apply the 'new techniques' without being afraid of looking foolish."

    Inge Winter
    Claims Manager
  • "An intensive, well delivered training. It's stimulated me to continue working on my presentation skills."

    Piet van der Have
    Manager Underwriting Casualty
  • "Keep going! Excellent communication and rapport."

    Jan Vankrunkelsven
    Claims Manager
  • "Every minute was worth the effort. I appreciated the way you supported me. Your positive method of crtitiqing was helpful, not demoralizing. The experience has helped me to become more confident in future presentations."

    Maya Zeller-Strasser
    Key account manager and Deputy of CEO
  • "I expected a high-level training - not a common one. And my expectations were fulfilled. Thanks a lot! It was hard, but I enjoyed it very much."

    Fred Willemze
    key account manager & manager marketing
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