Clear and effective face-to-face communication in English

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"Good communication is good conversation. These days visual media, the internet and social media have changed the way people communicate, listen, evaluate and make decisions."

It has become apparent to me that more and more students as well as younger company employees and executives seem to have lost their ability to communicate effectively face-to-face. I believe this to be a direct result of the increased amount of time that younger generations are spending communicating via smartphones and tablets at home, in schools and at work. Observing this in public places and in living and dining rooms, I notice many more families sitting around the dinner table not conversing, but focused on their smart phones, tablets and laptops. Sound familiar?    

As a result, many of these company new hires are shying away from direct conversation and vocal presentations, preferring the safety of creating a few short abbreviated Twitter-like sentences or filling the space with meaningless emoji. During some of our trainings, I have observed this in our younger generation company trainees - strong eye contact seems to be an illusory lost skill.  Additionally, I have learned that teaching cursive writing skills in many grade schools is being replaced with correcting spelling or typing errors on keyboards and tablets.

Media in English serves European companies with English presentation training and coaching.  English is our native tongue. Not only are our clients more confident about what they are saying, they are more confident in the way they say it, especially if English is not their mother tongue. 

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Missed Sales Opportunities At ProWein 2018 Wine & Spirits Trade Fair in Düsseldorf

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"At the 2018 international ProWein Trade Fair For Wines and Spirits, other booths are crowed and filled with excitement.  Could the speaker on the left's persona, lack of passion for the product and poor communication in English be making the difference? We believe so!"

While attending ProWein this week as a member of the press, I discovered that the "Best of the Show" wines selection stand at the convention remains mostly empty because there are no people representing the bottles.  An engaging video presentation here, or better yet, well-trained professional sales and marketing people on hand would attract more buyers to taste specific wines and increase the possibility of improved results.

"Wine does not sell itself automatically.  Without passionate and knowledgeable people representing your products to distributors and customers in English, your sales figures will not dramatically increase."

Serving Europe and beyond, Media in English empowers food & beverage industry sales & marketing people with world-renowned English presentation training and coaching!  Contact us for information about how we can help you improve your sales and marketing communications skills in English.  CONTACT US TODAY!  Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

Video & social media's influence on effective sales presentations

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Sales presentations can be enhanced by incorporating video presentation techniques and by understanding how visual and social media has changed buyer's expectations. Today, buyers expect to be entertained and informed. Video and social media has altered the way we pay attention and makes us more sensitive to pace. Seeing professional presenters has raised our ability to ask and respond to questions. Video and social media has become the standard by which we now measure all communications.

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Burgundy: People with a Passion for Wine

"Burgundy - People with a Passion for Wine." An extraordinary story about people who are passionate about wine. This “not to be missed” video gives wine lovers, food and travel buffs an intimate peek into the people and happenings during the oldest and most traditional of the Burgundy wine celebrations, Les Trois Glorieuses.

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Audience Respect

One of the biggest mistakes most presenters make is in not considering or respecting their audience when preparing their talks. Showing respect means not boring them to tears with a data dump of information which is meaningless to them.

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Everything Old Is New Again: Revived Power For Video Presentations

Video presentations and electronic media appearances continue to play a critically important role in successful business and government communications.

As broadband access grows, companies and individuals are turning to video on the internet as a powerful sales and information tool for communicating with their target audiences. Streaming video and live webcasts have become common fare on websites. Short videos are increasing the effectiveness of PowerPoint presentations.

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