Client Comments
  • “One of the most effective and impressive sessions of the Corporate Communications Conference.”
    “It was a very informative training, the practical workshop was a true hands-on approach.”
    “Very effective.”
    “It was great! Thank you.”
    “Nice merge between theory and practice. I love the examples and the live exercise – I thought is was great.”
    “The training is great with excellent video examples. Very helpful, providing useful information about media and broadcast journalism.”
    “Better than excellent.”

    IIR Middle East Corporate Communications Conference 25 Feb - 1 Mar 2007
    Crisis Communications Workshop Participants
  • "One of the best media training firms I've worked with is Media in English. They're firm, clear and tough, without being disrespectful. They do their research and help companies craft the image they want to project. We hired them to train clients of ours who were arrogant and didn't understand why they needed media training at all, claiming 'we know how to talk to the media!' By the end of one day of work with Media in English, these guys understood the benefits of preparation before interviews - a priceless improvement!"

    Lauren Valbert
    General Manager
  • "Our trainers handled us with care, making it comfortable to take the risks needed to improve our skills."

    Sandro Innocenti
    Manager, Purchasing and Facilities
  • "A very enjoyable day. Hard work, but fun and valuable."

    Tom Foyer
    Director, Benelux, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Russia
  • "Excellent, non-threatening, comfortable atmosphere."
    "It was very inspiring."
    "You are on the right track!"
    "A very satisfying training."
    "Very attention grabbing."
    "Good suggestions."
    "Excellent focus and well received by the audience."
    "Your techniques can make for more polished and successful professionals."
    "I liked the video clips, they helped to get the message across."
    "Very good and helpful for my future meetings."
    "I liked the various hints and the chance to practice them in real situations."
    "I enjoyed the practical sessions and the feedback from the trainers and the audience."
    "I really appreciated the building of awareness on how to behave and how to react successfully."
    "Very good initiative, nice presentation."
    "You both were great again!"
    "A follow-up in a few months would be great."
    "We want more! I guess it was your intention to wet our appetites. You succeeded."

    Participants of the Communicating Across Cultures workshop
  • "Very informative - exactly pitched at the right level for me. Correct tone & combination of teaching/interactive - time well spent!"

    James Wright
    Vice President
  • "The training was excellent and the setting was perfect."
    Peter Graswinckel
    Client Relationship Manager
  • “I had a journalist here for the day from Esquire doing a piece on the launch of a luxury brand.  He interviewed 4 members of the exec team individually on different areas.  I sat in on all the interviews.  Each member of the team gave out the same messages.  The journalist, being a journalist, repeated some of his questions.  But got the same answers whoever he asked.  I felt very proud.  And so should you.  Thank you!”

    Wayne Bruce
    Communications Director
  • "Good interactive training with confronting issues. I will recommend you to business partners."

    Wouter Haak
    Underwriting Manager Property
  • "Extremely helpful."

    Laurent Le Guilcher
    Regional Director (West)
  • "It was very effective and helpful. It was a very positivie and constructive approach. The environment felt safe, so I felt safe to apply the 'new techniques' without being afraid of looking foolish."

    Inge Winter
    Claims Manager
  • "Your presentation training indentified some issues that have not been resolved by previous trainers. Your media training covered a lot of ground and rebuilt confidence."

    Angus Gray
    Regional Director (North)
  • "An intensive, well delivered training. It's stimulated me to continue working on my presentation skills."

    Piet van der Have
    Manager Underwriting Casualty
  • "You’ve changed my life!. I would like to thank you and Suzan again for the very good quality of training I benefited from. And I can confirm to you that I take advantage of it every day.”

    Gaëlle Le Grouiec
    Customer Quality Director
  • "Keep going! Excellent communication and rapport."

    Jan Vankrunkelsven
    Claims Manager
  • "Good examples, good dynamics, very useful. Looking forward to the media training."

    Bastien Schupp
    Marketing Director
  • "Every minute was worth the effort. I appreciated the way you supported me. Your positive method of crtitiqing was helpful, not demoralizing. The experience has helped me to become more confident in future presentations."

    Maya Zeller-Strasser
    Key account manager and Deputy of CEO
  • "Very good.  A follow up session should be done after the Geneva Motor Show.”

    Mathieu Lenglin
    Product Specialist
  • "I expected a high-level training - not a common one. And my expectations were fulfilled. Thanks a lot! It was hard, but I enjoyed it very much."

    Fred Willemze
    key account manager & manager marketing
  • "Overall extremely useful, very encouraging to see immediate improvement with some basic tips.”

    Brendan Holohan
    Customer database & Survey Manager
  • "Liked the small groups and the amount of time for practicing."

    Ebbe Negenman
    Senior Managing Director
  • "Very good advice about reducing the amount of text and adding relevant images to the PowerPoint slides."

    Jan-Arie de Haas
    Risk Management Associate
  • "Everything was helpful and useful."

    Jarvis Seaman
    Senior Risk Consultant
  • "Quite an intense day.  I enjoyed the interactivity and the fact that we receive a DVD, where we can actually see what needs to be improved."

    Marije Groen
    Senior Communications Officer - ING Investment Management Europe
  • “Extremely useful media training based on realistic situations.”

    Buddy Roes
    Managing Director Germany
  • "Great day to go through the experience of media communications.  This day served what I was looking for and although a lot can be improved with practice, I feel it was a good step forward for me."

    Wil van der Have
    General Manager Development
  • "Excellent preparation, very individualilzed. Well done. Enjoyed it and look forward to Phase II."

    Philip la Pierre
    Acquistions Manager REIM Germany
  • "The effectiveness and quality of your media training was excellent."

    Chris Wood
    Sales Manager REIM Germany
  • "It was a great media training, with a lot of information. It was useful to have the practicals, where we could see improvement."

    Nathaly Machatius
    PR Assistant
  • "The training is very personal, with only 6 persons in the room - well appreciated. Good and direct feedback. Excellent tool."

    Rob Spiekerman
    Regional GM, Belgium, Luxembourg and Holland Province
  • "Good & timely feedback is given. Your 2-day media training program and the trainers scored a 9, out of 10 rating. Sincerely enjoyed it."

    Ton Nibbelink
    Regional Vice President Operations - Benelux
  • "Your film is great!"

    Arnaud Orsel
    Conseiller d’Honneur, La Confrerie Des Chevaliers du Tastevin, Burgundy, France
  • "I appreciated the terrible questions with all of the positive feedback.  We are much better prepared for interviews; we are now looking at press contacts differently."

    Dr. Roland G. Lageveen
    CEO & Managing Director
  • "Your system visualizes the improvements we made.  That is most stimulating."

    Herman Groen, Ph.D.
    Chief Scientific Officer
  • "Media in English recently helped me out on a presentation I had to give for a national conference. I am quite enthusiastic about their professional, creative and personal approach to developing the presentation itself and about the coaching I received to refine my delivery. But what I most appreciate is how the message in my presentation ended up being so straightforward and how much more effectively I was able to communicate it to my audience."

    Leo N.J. Epskamp
  • "The approach was systematic and clear. Logical! Great!"

    Nikki Constantine
    Senior Consultant
  • "I found the course extremely valuable and effective. Our trainers put us at ease and seemed genuinely enthusiastic and interested in our progress."

    Victoria McKenzie
    Senior Consultant
  • "Having never been on a course like this before, the benefits are immediate."

    Michael King
    Creative Director
  • "Very informative and worthwhile!"

    Adrian van Wyk
  • "This was top class!!"
    "Excellent training – relevant to every aspect of the business."
    "Great training! Very helpful and practical. The feedback and coaching were very good."
    "I loved the fact that I received 1-on-1 attention . . . it was a perfect way to learn."
    "Thanks again. I look forward to getting better and better."
    "I think it was perfect."
    "Very good training and very intensive. Thank you for the coaching."
    "Good stuff, challenging, stimulating."
    "Great professionalism."
    "Very good."
    "Very helpful training. I appreciate your considerate treatment."
    "It’s great to benefit from so many years of practical experience."
    "Extremely good and motivating."
    "Very professional and competent."
    "The training was excellent"

    Global Media Training Program Participants
  • "Very good method to improve all the things that you need to be a good communicator."

    Stefano Scabbio
  • "The training was excellent.  I very much liked the personal interaction and coaching."

    Peter Cléber
    Managing Director
  • "We received very valuable advice on the small details that make or kill a presentation. Most presentation courses focus exclusively on the message but this is something that most managers have already learned in college or from other presentation training sessions. Rudi and his team are refreshingly different. They dare to be honest with you but remain supportive and encouraging at the same time. Comes highly recommended."

    Susan Heinen
    Marketing Manager Europe
  • "Most effective training I have attended - saw the most improvement from this group than in my other experiences with media training.  Great job - great program!"

    Jennifer Green
    Vice President & Account Supervisor
  • "It was perfect this way."

    Rudolf Hagendijk
  • "This was very helpful, especially to split the training up in 4 sessions so there was more time to 'internalize' the suggestions."

    Walter Mutsaers
    Member of the Executive Board
  • "Very good, intensive, interactive, good theoretical framework. Concepts were combined with practice."

    Robert Wilhelm
    Managing Partner
  • "Really helped me in understanding effective communication. Superb training, great feedback and immensly satisfying experience. A whole day of productive learning! Wow!"

    Naresh Sharma
    Research Principal
  • "10 rating. Good mix of lessons, presentations and review."

    Michael Gurau
    General Partner
  • "Extremely helpful. Lots of takeaways - practical & theoretical."

    Floris van Alkemadehelm
    General Partner
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