Client Comments
  • "I rate the media training a straight 10. I would have liked more

    Isabella Le Bourgeois - Bourillon
    Strategy & Planning Coordinator
  • “Interactive, interesting, really positive – Thanks!”
    “Great workshop – a real eye opener and a reminder of the importance of planning.”
    “Hardcore questioning during interview was great practice!”
    “Thanks for bringing internal communications in the mix.”
    “Good use of video enhancement and video playbacks during the workshop.”
    “Good use of panel discussions and Q&A sessions.”
    “Good training, professional trainers. Thank you for the good tips.”
    “Very useful training.”
    “Good job . . . as usual. Like the fact that your team was not trying to give us lessons.”
    “Thank you. It was an afternoon well spent.”
    “Trainers well informed.”
    “Solid 10 rating. We need these workshops more often.”

    Some Nissan AIME Crisis Communications Workshop 2010 Participants
    Senior Communications Directors, Country Communications Managers and communications Specialists
  • "Excellent, addressed my needs very well. Good balance between theory and practical sessions. The theory was well illuminated with relevant video examples."

    Grahame Cornforth
    Vice President, Vehicle Design and Development
  • "Very good. Examples made the theory come to life. I will keep the advice close to hand throughout my preparation for contact with the media."

    Matt Loader
    Controller, Internal Communications
  • "Excellent preparation by Media in English. I would recommend this media training course."

    David Moss
    Director Vehicle Engineering
  • "Excellent advice and practical exercise."

    Ian Shepherd
    Director Project Management
  • "Your media training was very useful & informative."

    Russell Crossan
    Director Total Customer Satisfaction
  • "Excellent scores for effectiveness and quality, as well as, trainer skills and competence."

    James Moss
    Manager CSO Quality Management
  • "I walked away with so much enthusiasm and knowledge about how to better present myself on and off camera, and I realize this is just the tip of the iceberg!"

    Tiffany R. Famous
    Director Europe
  • "You are real pro's and I was proud having you on the team."

    Mark Blaisse
  • "A month after participating in your Open session presentation training, I came in first place in a speech contest for the International Training in Communications - Parnassia Circle Club. The annual speech contest is very formal with strict guidelines on timing with judges from the professional community. I joined ITC shortly after participating in your training session in order to continue my presentation training - and guess what? My efforts - along with the knowledge obtained during your session - have already paid off! You trained me well! Thanks!"

    Jennifer Nevins
    Trade Specialist
  • "I now have a better idea of how the media do their job. Your training has better prepared me to successfully handle future interviews."

    Philippe Legat
    Country Manager Belgium
  • "Very friendly atmosphere and reception. The trainers rated a solid 10!"

    Alexander Bojanowsky
    Country manager Germany
  • "Some of your techniques helped me to develop the structure needed for a 'lean and mean' message. With a clear structure, you automatically feel more confident about the presentation and yourself."

    Cees Nieuwendijk
  • "The best training in years! The small group, made the effectiveness very high. Thank you for your critical comments. Now it is my turn to train myself."

    Ryszard Kruszel
    Country Manager The Netherlands
  • "Good practice, good critiques and good attention to the most important parts of a presentation - the opening and closing."

    Jan Paul Hendriks
    Director Mortgage Investment Services
  • "Excellent! Very inspiring and motivating. Not the tear-down and build back-up method some trainers use. Even during critiques, you made me feel comfortable."

    Renske Timmerman-Kragt
    Project Manager Communications
  • "Your intensive presentation training was perfect."

    Jan Somers
  • "It was excellent. Clear and concise."

    René L.H.M. Teuwen M.Sc.
  • "Excellent training and it has given me a completely different view of
    the use of PowerPoint and how to make a more effective use of it."

    Ross McKinnon
    Director TNT Airways
  • "Very good quality of advice. I'm impressed with how much the advice received has an immediate effect on how we present. It helps me feel more confident when presenting."

    Luc Gustin
    F&A - HR Director
  • "Very good, direct and to the point. Messages were understood."

    Christine Heine
    Ground Operations Director
  • "This training is an excellent tool for giving good presentations."

    Norbert Vanreyten
    Quality Manager
  • "Great learning experience!"

    Jeff Hoogesteger
    Managing Director
  • "Overall a very good training, giving me some valuable insights into how I can improve my presentation skills."

    Jon Downing
    Director Investor Relations
  • "It was worth every minute of time. I feel a lot stronger now when giving presentations."

    Ludo Oelrich
    Programme Director Health & Wealth
  • "Excellent trainers. Your objective opinions are of great value for improvement, especially since we tend to fall into the "traps" of our business over many years. The one-on-one training is excellent as a focus on individual faults, video also interesting. I can use your concepts frequently."

    Carolyn Morley
    Head of Value Analytics
  • "Good balance between theory and practice. I think it will really work for me."

    Henriette van Eeghen
    External relations manager - Moving the World
  • "Very helpful to feel more confident. You hold up a mirror showing me my learning points without feeling uncomfortable. Thanks!"

    Ans Oosterman-van Lier
    Corporate Travel Manager
  • "This training was a great experience and very useful."

    Matthijs Elsenaar
  • "Excellent training! Watching yourself on video is very confronting, but provides the opportunity to learn right away. The feedback, tips and tricks from the trainers helped a lot. I feel much more confident now to create and present my PowerPoint presentation. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!"

    Lotte Glaser
    Management Development Project Manager
  • "It was a great confidence building experience. Thank you."

    Bert Jolink
    Business Controller
  • We won!
    Well, actually, it's a shared first price, but still, it's the first!
    Thanks for your excellent coaching.

    Erik Hülsmann
  • The presentation went well. Good flow, no technical problems and good timing. In the competition with the other groups, we had the best performance.

    Teun van der Hoek
  • The presentation for the TNT Board went absolutely perfect! Although prior groups complained about the attention of the board for their presentations, we must say that we had nothing to complain about that. We had the board's attention from beginning to ending. Your training definitely contributed to our presentation success! Peter Bakker even mentioned our presentation during his speech at the Annual Senior Management Meeting in Paris - the Zwolle team managed to get the board to speak for the first time. A clear sign that our presentation left an impression!

    As thought, we didn't win the Award. Our competitor's case was just so much broader (and they had done it with 1000+ employees) that was hard to compete with. The board was enthusiastic about what we had achieved and especially at a very low cost. 

    Peter Bakker indicated our system could be used company-wide to manage our entire fleet. 

    Thank you again for you excellent training.

    Richard Stegmeijer / Jan Seijbel
  • "A perfect training. Highly effective and more than I expected. Concrete points and issues for me to improve. I am motivated to get better."

    Dr. Ulrich Hermann
  • You've already heard the good news from the TNT Post business unit team members. Both teams gave an excellent performance. They really managed to gain the attention of all the board members. The result, a shared first prize for the Business Excellence Award, was surely based on a good presentation! (The expert jury, who only read the applications and did not see any presentation, had advised the board to give the Award to another team...)

    The head of our postal business, Harry Koorstra, was very satisfied with the presentations.

    For me, it was very nice to notice the progress both teams made, thanks to your training. They were very well prepared; the presentation was good and clear, with good timing and... both teams were self-confident.

    Many compliments and thanks for your help.

    Suzanne Kursten
    Business Excellence Management
  • "Excellent personal touch! Your personal attention for all three of us made sense as it enables us to help each other with our weak points in the future."

    Dolf W.M. Hoeks
  • "Very good program, very professional."
    "An excellent content course with trainers who make passion contegious."
    "The mix of theory, techniques and practicals are perfect."
    "The case studies were good, simple and easy to work."
    "The scenarios were realistic and motivating."
    "Lots of practical advice and good actual interview examples."
    "Very effective, to the point, very well organized, lively."
    "Very illustrative, very good rhythm in the presentations."
    "A very positive experience."
    "It was so well organized that I only have compliments."
    "Really appreciated the friendliness of the trainers, both professionally and socially - built up rapport with the group very quickly."
    "A very good opportunity to get feedback on how we act and react."
    "Very concrete training."
    "Good honest feedback recevied."
    "It is excellent to train in English, creates more stress, but also more satisfaction."
    "Very efficient, good training, clear, good examples."
    "The use of video and playback was particularly effective."
    "Lots of useful clips distilled together with the main messages."
    "A good exercise, pointing out the difficulties of communicating under pressure."
    "Very useful and practical."
    "I am not 100% certain that I will remember 100% of what we worked on but for sure the session is remarkable for the time frame scheduled."
    "From now on, I'll look at television in a more critical way."
    "Very good, clear & simple advice that will have to be practiced hard, but will serve not only for media relationship, but also for company internal presentations or workshops."
    "Very nice training team, proactive and with an open spirit."
    "Very credible workshop cases."
    "The session is remarkable."
    An excellent content course with trainers who make passion contagious."
    "From now on I will look at television is a more critical way."

    Media Training Workshop Participants

  • "Very pleasant atmosphere; good location; nice colleagues."

    Hans van de Water
    Partner & Director of the Profit Division
  • "Very good. I plan to put this into immediate practice."

    M. Rinus van Riel
    Interim Manager
  • "The on-camera exercises and course materials made the subject of communication with media less threatening. It was a good experience. Thank you."

    Kasia M. Samulak
    Resident Manager
  • "I have learned a tremendous amount today about me and how I am perceived. I usually don't have nervous problems during speeches and conversations, because I am in control. In an interview, I learned that I can take control and be more confident. Thank you for an experience that will benefit me forever."

    Jerald J. Stricker
    Resident Manager
  • "I must admit that I wasn't totally enthused about attending, however that quickly changed. You scored a solid 10 rating for both the effectiveness and quality of the training and the competence and skills of the trainers."

    Donald J. Talka
    Director of European Operations
  • "Very interesting and helpful. I learned many new things about myself and how to prepare for communication with various media."

    Raymond E. Burg
    Resident Manager
  • "Glad I did this. Excellent!"

    Renee Boerefijn
    Granulation Science Base Leader
  • "Media in English's presentation training program provided me with a number of useful tools to improve my presentation skills. I was pleased with the progress I made during subsequent class presentations. What really differentiates this course from others is that you are encouraged to integrate your own personality into your presentations and to approach content is a very different fashion. A lot of attention is paid to the opening and closing, whereas we, as researchers, tend to overly focus on content and present much too much information."

    Ria van der Maas
    Manager Consumer Science
  • "You are real professionals. Thank you very much. I learned a lot!." Peter R. Koster
  • "You are real professionals. Thank you very much. I learned a lot!." Peter R. Koster
  • The video is great!  I like it a lot! - Felipe Garcia, Winemaker, Co-Owner Garcia +  Schwaderer Co.
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