Client Comments
  • "Great location. Good thoughts on personal presentations."

    Herman DeLatte
    General Partner
  • "Very good, focused on the right elements. Learned a lot."

    Erik Leus
    Business Development Director
  • "The small group was really very effective. I very much liked the
    individual feedback. This really sets Media in English apart from other

    Francesca Kleemans
    SU Director Planning & Research
  • "The content of the presentation training was perfect. Very effective
    and straight to the point!"

    Marcelo Martins
    Senior Trader - Global Markets Director
  • "Excellent day. Well prepared. Good basis to continue working on."

    Alexander Regnault
    Structured Trade & Project Finance Manager
  • “I really enjoyed the media training and hope to work with Media in English a lot more in this respect in the future.”

    “I have worked with Media in English, and Rudi, for well over a year and a half on strengthening my company's international public relations and communications strategy. Rudi also provided intense and thorough media training to myself and key management stakeholders at Nidera. His relentless attention to detail, blended with a profound insight into client needs and aspirations consistently helps add great value to any advice Rudi and his team may offer. Trustworthy, insightful, and very punctual, Rudi and Media in English offer great value for excellent service.”

    Michael Koenka
    Head of Communications
  • "Very good presentation training class! The best I've had. You are both a pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend you to colleagues."

    Jim Savino
    General Manager EMEA Basket Ball & Jordan
  • "Very much appreciated, very productive - great feeback, no hiding. I felt at ease with your trainers"

    Ron Stam
    Finance & Operations Director
  • "This was great and really appreciated. I only hope that I can retain and internalize the most important elements. I think I have a good chance based on the approach you take and the chance that I'll be able to practice a fair bit."

    Adam Sims
    Finance Director EMEA Apparel Business
  • "Excellent. Very different (in a positive way) from the regular 'Presentation Skills' trainings. Lots of good advice, techniques and pointers to take away and practice."

    David Sanderson
    Senior Finance Manager Apparel Business
  • "Very good and useful. A pleasure to have attended it."

    Pere Brugal
    EMEA Apparel Divisional Sales Manager
  • "Loved the phase II presentation training session, with all the examples from other companies and the real world.  It was very helpful.  Thank you."
    Paolo Polla
    Equipment Sales Manager EMEA
  • "A great experience.  Very beneficial and effective  from a development perspective."

    Vicky Hampson
    L&D Manager Commercial
  • "Overall very helpful! Good to get more tools and an honest look at areas that I can improve. Confident I’ll be able to use these elements in real life."

    Bill Bulham
    L&D Consultant - Sales
  • "Since I attended the training, I have given presentations to small, medium, large and huge audiences. I use the techniques to deliver my message, impact the audience and keep them engaged throughout. I don’t dread speaking engagements – I now enjoy them. My team has also been through the training and I am very happy with their performance - we presented together a few months ago in the USA with outstanding results. This training was a great investment."

    Bill Mullen
    Chief Information Officer
  • "The effectiveness and quality of your presentation training program and the competence and skills of the trainers rated a 10 across the board! I really enjoyed it."

    Ian Douglas
    EA IT Production Support Manager
  • "Great training.  Very interactive.  Received valuable information for my future career. This training will really help me address business issues with leaders going forward."

    Jan Gorissen
    EMEA Regional Technology Manager
  • "Very well structured. Great interaction, good feedback,  good tips, well organized."

    Ronald Tracey
    Group Manager Application & Data Tech. Services
  • "The best training I've had. I really appreciate all the feedback and help. Thank you."

    Julie Unsworth
    Footwear Logistics IT Manager
  • "Very good. Helped me a lot."

    Emma van Eeden
    EMEA IT Planning & OM Manager
  • "It was a great day.  Really helped me for today and the future."

    Petra Zijlstra
    EMEA Country IT Operations Manager
  • "Perfect training!  I especially appreciated the openess and directness which are needed to get the best out of the training."

    Ronald van Drunen
    EMEA IT Project Management Manager
  • "The practice with video review is really good."

    EMEA Process Excellence Manager
  • "Good feedback and assessments. Good balance in the practice versus theory."

    Victor Willems
    EMEA Senior Program Manager
  • "Just a very worthwhile day."

    Hanko Bergsma
    EMEA Program Director

  • "This training enabled me to compact a 13 slide presentation into a very powerful 1 slide presentation that got the exact message I intended to give across.  It really works!"

    Dirk Haesen
    EMEA IT Manager
  • "Good training. I liked the close one-on-one contact and the direct feedback."

    Leon Derks
    EMEA IT Manager
  • "Great package. By far the best training I have had as a communicator."

    Jean-Marc Gonizzi
    EMEA Program Manage
  • "It has been great to get all this dedicated attention and get advice and learn techniques to improve my communication in larger groups and one on one."

    Ellen Schippers
    Strategic Program Communications Manager
  • "I like the personal approach and the amount of practice you get. The small group enables personal attention and feedback which is really useful."

    Rob Weerts
    EMEA Program Manager
  • "Session was excellent. I felt much more confident about my interview with the BBC."

    Gabi Whitfield
    Communications Director - Nissan Motors Great Britain
  • "Your presentation and media trainings were really excellent. You scored all 10s for effectiveness, quality, skills and competence. I love working with you."

    Laura Jacquier
    Corporate & Internal Communications Manager
  • "I have been in the communications business for a long time and have coached many people on how to speak to the press. But your media training is the best that I have ever experienced."

    Eric Laurencier
    Vice President Communications
  • "I really appreciate your very kind and useful training. It had a very good balance between knowledge and practicals."

    Susumu Endo
    Senior Vice President, Quality Assurance, Production Engineering & Recycling
  • "Excellent training. Full of valuable examples."

    Olivier Paturet
    Regional Product Manager
  • "Perfect media training. Your on-site coaching ranked 10 out of 10. It was of great help and should always be used. Thank you."

    Bjoern Krueger
    Manager, RPM X-Trail, Patrol, Murano
  • "The media training itself is great, we've been offered lots of tools. The presentation coaching helped me a lot. I would propose to have this coaching prior to any press presentation, as it really pays off."

    Robbert Monteban
    Manager, Product Planning 4x4 Models
  • "Good and useful."

    Nicolas Tschann
    Section Manager
  • "Your training definitely provides some good tools/ways to improve."

    Arnaud Villette
    Manager, Marketing 4X4 & Executive Models
  • "Very good because it was 'extreme' on purpose."

    Edouard de Seynes
    General Manager Primera - A Marketing
  • "Very good training, very useful for general communication and media encounters."

    Sylwia Czolgosz
    Product Planning
  • "Very instructive and enjoyable. The day went so quickly. Thank you."

    Chris Lee
    Regional Product Manager for Compact Class
  • "It was an impressive training. The video recording and joint review made the learning process very effective."

    Macarena Cassinello Ogea
    General Manager - Overseas Project Quality Director
  • "One of the best trainings I have ever had. Thank you so much."

    Etienne Henry
    Regional Product Manager NESAS Product Planning
  • "I feel more confident now, but I feel I could benefit even more by being prepared."

    Natacha Trichard
    Deputy Regional Product Manager for Crossover product
  • "Useful!"

    Guillaume Masurel
    Product Specialist - CMM Crossover & Medium
  • "I really appreciated the interaction and how Rudi and Debbie complimented each other during the media training. Having a true journalist doing the interviews is a great plus. We want more!"

    Laurent Burgat
    Communications Manager Strategy & Planning / Product, Zero Emission Vehicle
  • "Considering the 9/10 rating I gave, there is very little room for improvement. Your media training really met my expectations. It was spot on. I am really looking forward to the next session."

    Gilles Gautherot
    Communications Manager D&T, Quality, ZEM Section
  • "Every year or so, a follow-up media training workshop would be great!"

    Mia Nielsen
    Manager Design and Technology Communications
  • "The effectiveness and quality of the media training, as well as, the competence and skills of the trainers was excellent. Good job and good rapport!!

    Hervé Genin
    Marketing Manager - Category Model
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