Client Comments
  • Good use of a very probable scenario, thanks for a very interesting and educational crisis communications workshop.
    Ghislaine Jonker
    Coordinator External Communications
  • "I can only recommend Rudi and his team to anyone looking for detailed, professional media training. The two sessions I had with him were inspiring, educational and good fun as well. I was trained to control interviews without losing my personal touch and "flair' in interviews."

    Paul Burger
    General Manager Dealer Relations
  • "I appreciated both the training and the trainers. I am happy to have been given this opportunity to improve my skills." Ronald Faas
    Marketing & Communications Manager
  • "Your media training rated all 10's, tough, but I learned a lot!"

    Moriaki Kadoya
    President & CEO
  • "I enjoyed the day, never really looked at the clock, and got tremendous learning from the exercise." James J. Maskas
    Managing Director
  • "At first I felt a little intimidated, but you have the ability to make one feel comfortable." Peter Burghouwt
    Financial Manager
  • "I found your advanced media performance coaching to be very customized.

    It highlighted the area of importance for me. You helped to identify the root of the problem.

    The session contained excellent and joyful moments."

    "Strong satisfaction with the tailor-made approach. Your personal training is the best formula. Many thanks for the dedication and the quality of your remarks."
    Didier Duret
    Chief Investment Officer
  • "The training was well-structured and attractively presented." Frans M.J. van de Kamp
    Corporate Strategic Account Director
  • "Trainers ranked 9 on a scale of 1 to 10. Excellent atmosphere, good location." Roel Beems
    Country Market Leader - Office & Consumer Markets
  • "This was honestly one of the best and likely one of the most valuable training sessions I have attended in the last five years; very professional trainers, obviously extremely experienced and with high standards of quality."
    Chris Fletcher
    Vice President/Managing Director
  • "Having taken quite a few of these training sessions, I appreciated the way this course focused on useful elements and techniques and taught them very quickly." Wayne Kernochan
    Senior Vice President
  • "The trainers were competent, patient and to the point. You addressed my concerns proactively and gave me relevant advice to overcome them. Yes, you did help me a lot and when I look at the final result (of course far from perfect yet, but miles difference when compared to where we started out!) you really made a difference with all your advice. It will not surprise you that every time I now see someone on television, I watch with great interest how they excel or blunder in front of the camera. But I now do feel a lot of sympathy for all those that have to speak up in front of a camera."

    Reinout van Lennep
    Managing Director Global Private Clients
  • "A great experience, to be recommended to anyone who is exposed on camera. It made me feel much more comfortable to stand in front of a camera. The feedback really helped me to improve my performance."
    Ingrid Marsolo
    Head Training & Development /AVP
  • "You managed to stay focused and help me in tackling the issues at hand for me.

    I learnt a lot or -for sure- I heard and saw a lot. Seeing oneself is so effective in combination with your very specific and practical critique and suggestions. Overall, I can honestly say that your training was invaluable and crucial. I was more often than before "in the moment" and I now know what to practice and have already experienced a couple of "successes". The intro and the closing are a credit to you."
    Reinout van Lennep
    Managing Director Global Private Clients
  • "It was a great learning session for me and feel I have become much more aware of how I can improve my communication."
    Rose D. Tsounis
    Chief Financial Officer
  • "Perfect. A great team effort. Really takes me further."
    Jasper van Zon
    Communications Manager
  • "Well paced and attentive. Videos are well used to pinpoint weaknesses. Video clips also useful illustrations."
    Christian Beek
    General Manager
  • "I learned a lot of useful simple "tricks" and besides you gave some interesting "food for thought" input.
    Job Witteman
    Chief Executive Officer
  • "Confronting, but nicely presented.  Excellent.  Lots of examples."
    Cara Mascini
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • "Very effective media training. Feels like I learned a lot."
    Henk Steenman
    Chief Technical Officer
  • "The media presentation skills which you taught me in English, adapted perfectly to Dutch when RTL4 news interviewed me about hidden food allergies."
    Lydia S. Boeken MD
  • "Amazing research, very energized! Would surely do this again!"
    Norman Happ
    Director Product Life
  • "Very interesting and informative. Appreciated the input on our company . . . will recommend your services to friends, colleagues and to our customers."
    Kristin Russel
    Managing Director
  • "After this training it is abundantly clear that the appreciation for my presentations has increased significantly. The expressions of support for presented ideas and solutions has grown simultaneously. In short the two-day training really has added value."
    Paul Koster
    Board Member
  • "You made a difference. Excellent training. More than I expected. The media training I had in the U.S. was less personal, more generic and less effective."
    Ingrid van den Berg
    Product Launch Manager
  • "I learned a lot!"
    Gunter Ceuppens
    Area Business Manager
  • "Excellent Training. Very practical and useful."
    Rob de Jonge
    Marketing Manager
  • "It was perfect."
    Dimitri Spiessens
    International Sales Manager Benelux
  • "Your presentation training course was very entertaining, with lots of examples; the videos were particularly interesting."
    Nienke Boenink
    Clinical Research Associate
  • "Good training. Very personal. I learned new things about my way of presenting. Very useful."
    Alma Albers
    Area Business Manager
  • "Very good to train with 2 or 3 people, so all the attention is on the trainees. Thanks for the honest feedback you gave me."
    Ronald van der Rol, Jr.
    Product Manager/Market Analyst
  • "Very interesting and useful, plus I enjoyed it."
    Sofie de Craecker
    Area Business Manager
  • "It was very complete. I hope I can continue to improve by really following your suggestions."
    Miriam Heymans
    Area Business Manager
  • "Appreciated the format with two trainers. Good complimentary comments from two professionals. It was well-paced and had good structure."
    Jan van den Boom
    Managing Director Europe, Middle East & Africa
  • "It was a very good experience from which I feel that I will benefit."
    Hens Dekker
    Director of Marketing & Sales
  • "Absolute value for money. The training was very personal. It couldn't be better."

     "Recently, I did a short introduction to the key-note speaker I had invited. A few days later a PR consultant told me that I used a very convincing and conversationally way of speaking. He asked me if I was trained. So I told him about you and the training. It really seems the training is paying off!"
    Nico Anten
  • "The media training covered my expectations. Challenging, well prepared and acted as a wakeup call to prepare better messaging platforms."
    Roger Steens
    Marketing Manager
  • "Relaxed atmosphere, positive feedback."
    Wim van der Meer
    Director Product Market Development
  • "I really learned a lot today.  The tools that were given are really helpful and I am confident that I can work now at becoming a better presenter."
    Femke van Egmond-Uittenbogaard
    Coordinator Investor Relations
  • "Pleasant team, good atmosphere, good feedback and plenty of pointers that I can really use in daily practice."
    Niek Janssens
    Director Finance & Planning
  • “Very important and valuable tips and reminders were provided which made the training a valuable learning experience.”
    “The effectiveness and quality of the training and the competence and skills of the trainers was 10 out of 10.”
    “Really enjoyed the training. Very direct and personal.”
    “Nice and to the point. Done well. Entertaining.”
    “Good preparation with topics that are really relevant.”
    “The most beneficial part was the one-to-one feedback.”

    Participants of the One-on-One Communications Workshop
  • "Right amount of information to be digested in one day. Good, personal feedback."

    Claudia Breure
    Manager EU Policy
  • You are real pro's and I was proud having you on the team."

    Mark Blaisse
    Partner - Schweitzer Blaisse Rinnooy Kan & Company
  • "Your training gave me the confidence to begin presenting in a more effective way and to take a step toward a higher level of communicating.

    Peter Veenman
    Vice Managing Director
  • "Good eye-opener. Right balance between lecture and practice."
    Jan Jaap Wallien
    Manager Interconnect & Access
  • "You are real professionals.  Thank you very much. I learned a lot!."

    Peter R. Koster
  • "Good balance between theory and practice. Your media training adds value to both internal and external presentations-meeting-discussions."

    Kees Jan Rietveld
    Managing Director Benelux
  • "I was surprised at the level of knowledge you had about our company's issues. This really helped."

    Folkert-Jan Jager
    Controller Netherlands

  • "Your media training was absolutely great!!"

    Bill Drougkas
    Product Specialist
  • “ Thank you for another great media training and feedback!"

    Ghislaine Jonker
    Coordinator External Communications
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