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ABN AMRO Bank (Switzerland)
  • "The trainers were competent, patient and to the point. You addressed my concerns proactively and gave me relevant advice to overcome them. Yes, you did help me a lot and when I look at the final result (of course far from perfect yet, but miles difference when compared to where we started out!) you really made a difference with all your advice. It will not surprise you that every time I now see someone on television, I watch with great interest how they excel or blunder in front of the camera. But I now do feel a lot of sympathy for all those that have to speak up in front of a camera."

    Reinout van Lennep
    Managing Director Global Private Clients
  • "I found your advanced media performance coaching to be very customized.

    It highlighted the area of importance for me. You helped to identify the root of the problem.

    The session contained excellent and joyful moments."

    "Strong satisfaction with the tailor-made approach. Your personal training is the best formula. Many thanks for the dedication and the quality of your remarks."
    Didier Duret
    Chief Investment Officer
  • "A great experience, to be recommended to anyone who is exposed on camera. It made me feel much more comfortable to stand in front of a camera. The feedback really helped me to improve my performance."
    Ingrid Marsolo
    Head Training & Development /AVP
  • "You managed to stay focused and help me in tackling the issues at hand for me.

    I learnt a lot or -for sure- I heard and saw a lot. Seeing oneself is so effective in combination with your very specific and practical critique and suggestions. Overall, I can honestly say that your training was invaluable and crucial. I was more often than before "in the moment" and I now know what to practice and have already experienced a couple of "successes". The intro and the closing are a credit to you."
    Reinout van Lennep
    Managing Director Global Private Clients
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